Фоторамки, фотобумага, фотоальбомы


Печать онлайн, дизайн, широкоформатка


Фоторамки, фотобумага, фотоальбомы


Печать онлайн, дизайн, широкоформатка

Фотоцентр Дом Фото

Услуги по печати

Наша мастерская основана на базе фотосети «Дом Фото». Опираясь на многолетний опыт работы в фотографическом деле, мы знаем все о фотографии, мы следим за качеством печати и технологии сборки фотокниг и полиграфкниг.

Наша команда профессионалов знает свое дело и может предложить Вам качественный продукт по самой доступной цене

Почему выбирают нас

Мы работаем по Херсону, а также со всеми регионами Украины и не только

Наша команда постоянно совершенствуется и может предложить новые интересные форматы фото- и полиграфкниг, самые изысканные обложки для свадебных фотографов и не только

Мы выбираем самые лучшие материалы, которые обеспечивают качество и долговечность фотокниг и полиграфкниг

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Ваших фотографий

Отзывы наших клиентов

  • Good photo print quality. You can quickly make and receive a photo for documents. Printing of any complexity, photos, posters, paintings. You will always be helped and prompted. Very friendly service. Lots of beautiful frames and albums. Would recommend this place. Interesting section with decor and paintings.

  • Hello everyone! I don’t know where the negative reviews to the House of Photography come from, but specifically to the girl who has been working there I don’t know how many years. How you can hear words close to boorish from her - I can't put my mind to it. I ordered photos online today, took them back in 3 hours. Anything that interested me, asked by phone, received answers. Yes, once the girl said that there are a lot of people now and asked me to call back later. I called back, no one picked up the phone, and after 20 minutes they called me back and clarified all my questions. Thanks for the service. Although I lived on Tavrika, and now on Shumensky, I only go here to take pictures, since 2002. And special thanks to the girl for the pleasant communication, humor and quality ALWAYS!

  • very professional photo studio, good service at good prices

  • Great lab! They even do large photo printing. Just there's no fast service. Need to wait few hours though.

  • We took a photo with a passport for a child 2 years old (10 × 15 with 70% of the face).The girl took the photo the first time good and suitable according to the rules of the Migration Service.The only negative is the wait, they took the photo on Saturday morning, and pick it up on Monday after 12.The price is relatively normal: 90 UAH.

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